Do you need a mobile app to engage customers with appropriate due dates and affordable budgets?


Founded in 2010, Intuitive Appz' mission is to create and develop digital interactions through mobile devices, to connect brands to its customers in a innovative and effective way.

On Demand Mobile Apps

We understand your needs to imagine and develop the best mobile app to your bussiness.

Your Advergame

Sometimes, the best strategy is promoting some fun to reinforce your brand.

Augmented Reality

Real products can interact to virtual world in a impressive and remarkable way.


Grab your customers on the go. Just tell him your best offers when they are close to you.


The right app calls the perfect content. That's why we deliver it all done.


Indoor location + indoor navigation + proximity market + context awareness = revenue increase.

Why to choose Intuitive Appz?

Intuitive Appz fits perfectly to your mobile strategy.
In fact, we may help you to design and perform your
whole mobile presence.

The way we do


Develop digital interactions based on creativity and technology to connect companies to customers.


To be the most creative and uptodate development company.


Integrity, excellence, innovation, agility.

The way we do

Intuitive Appz’ team has all needed skills to establish the best way to your company or product figures in the mobile world.

  • Listen & Research

  • Design

  • Developer

  • Test

  • Publish


The aim was give super tech powers to a traditional notebook. The solution is an iOS and Android Augmented Reality game that allows people to drive a virtual Hot Wheels car over the cover of the real notebook. Watch the video!
Teach what reuse water is and create awareness about the water shortage in the world are the goals to this mobile game, developed to Android and iOS devices, suggested to Mexichem, by Intuitive Appz and its agency.
The briefing was how to bring tech to a traditional notebook and turn it more attractive to the customer? What if we try an augmented reality web game in which players can ride Lightning McQueen and perform the fastest lap. Watch the video!
Augmented Reality can be a great tool to attract and engage consumers, don't you think? What are your thoughts about customize virtual clothes and try them with the AR feature before sharing with your friends?
Do you believe that the cover of a notebook can release a virtual test drive? Well, it can! That's what happens when an innovative customer calls Intuitive Appz!

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